â–·Advantages Of Artificial Grass In Landscape Design Solana Beach

The Advantages Of Artificial Grass In Landscape Design In Solana Beach 

Advantages Of Artificial Grass In Landscape Design Solana Beach

Your yard will be the one most unique in the neighborhood , if you choose artificial grass for landscaping. Artificial Grass offers individuals a superior choice in landscape design, because lush green grass can be created anytime of the year, no matter how much rain the area receives or the lack thereof.

Easy Maintenance

Artificial grass is very easy to maintain. Watering and cutting are not needed after installation. Mowing is a thing of the past, and there is no need to purchase fertilizer or weed killer. There is no need to wait for green grass either – artificial turf looks attractive all year round.

It can be used instead of natural grass in areas where natural grass cannot grow, such as steep inclines or shady areas under trees. Artificial turf is also an excellent option for pets with hip or joint problems. Artificial grass looks great, and it will last for years with no wasteful upkeep costs . The total cost of labor and materials is far less than that for natural grass lawns, which makes artificial turf very affordable.

Non-toxic Turf

Artificial grass can be a solution for homeowners with allergies . It eliminates the pollen and dust that accumulate in natural grass, which are common allergens for people with allergies like hay fever.

Environment Friendly Turf

Artificial Grass reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation drastically . This is very beneficial for people who are concerned about the environment. Less watering also means fertilizers and pesticides can be reduced by up to 80%. This offers a healthier way of living for your family, without fear of any health problems that may arise from these chemicals entering your body.

If you still aren’t convinced about artificial grass, consider how it helps the environment . The blades are 98% recyclable, so once it passes its life expectancy of 10-12 years, it can be taken to a recycling plant and used for other things. It does not require the use of fossil fuels or natural resources for production either, which means you are also doing something good for the environment.

Durable Turf

Artificial grass cannot be affected by weather or temperature . It does not need to be hosed down or blown off. Rainfall will simply pass through, and the sun can easily penetrate the blades, with no effect on the feel of artificial grass underfoot. This allows you to enjoy your yard all year round.

Safe Turf For Children

Artificial turf is also very safe for children . There are no sharp blades to cause injuries. It is soft to the touch, with no rocks or bugs hidden beneath the grass. There are no holes for children to fall into either. Artificial grass is highly resistant to weathering, oil spills , mold and mildew . The colors stay strong over time, without fading in the sun.


There are no disadvantages to artificial turf, only pros – environmentally safe, low maintenance, cost effective and safe for children. Homeowners who have installed it have been pleased with their decision every time. Call us at (858) 943-3990  to consult our specialists at Artificial Grass Solana Beach.