â–·Keep Artificial Grass Clean When You Have Dogs In Solana Beach

How Can You Keep the Best Artificial Grass in Solana Beach, Clean When You Have Dogs

How Can You Keep the Best Artificial Grass in Solana Beach, Clean When You Have DogsBecause of the health benefits for their pets, many pet owners are switching to the best artificial grass in Solana Beach. Allergies affect many dogs, resulting in ear infections, hot spots, and other skin problems. Changing to artificial turf is a great way to alleviate these medical conditions because the grass will stay clean no matter how much your dog scratches or rolls on it!

Even with this convenience, poop can get stuck in the grass fibers, causing problems down the road. Here are a few pointers to keep your artificial lawn looking great all year!

As Soon As Possible, Collect Solid Waste

If you come across poop or any solid waste, don’t wait for it to dry before picking it up! So that it doesn’t spread through your lawn’s fibers, pick it up right away. If you notice that some has gotten into the grass, make a one-to-three solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Remove as much waste as possible with gloves on while being careful not to damage your grass. After this procedure is completed, clean the area with soap and water. This will most likely need to be done once or twice a week with two dogs on an artificial lawn!

Your Lawn Should Be Shampooed Throughout the Year

There are many synthetic turf shampoo formulas available, but never use chlorine bleach on your lawn! This chemical will kill the grass and should only be used to clean up spills or major messes. If your dog gets into something that coats their fur, you can shampoo them with the same soap you use on your lawn to remove any residue.

Take Care of Your Lawn Throughout the Year

Throughout the year, your artificial lawn will require tender loving care, so make sure you invest in a good treatment formula. Look for an all-purpose spray that will keep it from fading in the sun, repel dirt and other contaminants, and replenish nutrients in the fibers. You’ll be pleased when it stays cleaner for a longer period of time!

Urine Should Be Rinsed Out As Soon As Possible

If your dog has an accident, get a hose and spray the area down as soon as possible. Urine dries quickly, so don’t let it sit too long or it will leave streaks in the grass. If any streaks remain, lightly brush them away with a towel until they disappear. If you can tell right away that urine has seeped into your lawn’s fibers, clean it out with this hydrogen peroxide and clear water mixture!

As you can see, maintaining the best artificial grass in Solana Beach is important not only for your dogs’ health and quality of life, but also for preserving its value and avoiding costly repairs and maintenance!


Use these suggestions to keep your artificial lawn looking new all year. Contact the pros at the best artificial grass and synthetic turf installation company in Solana Beach for a free artificial grass estimate today, or if you have any questions about our excellent service. Please contact us at (858)943-3390 for more information.